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Bartis ***

5, 3 Maja Konstytucji Square, Bartoszyce, outer town [show on a map]
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from 28 EUR

Bartis is an old Prussian word which means a bee hive created inside a tree. We look forward to welcoming you to the Bartis Hotel and we hope that you have a pleasant stay.


The elegant interior and individual design of each room create a unique atmosphere to ensure a comfortable and memorable stay. Each room is very individual in style but what they have in common is pleasant and cosy climate. Our guests tired of everyday worries are invited to make use of jacuzzi, hydro - massage or sauna. Each room has satellite TV, radio with an alarm clock, telephone, shower, toilet.

Additional information:
Remarkable Ancient Roman style of the Wellness Centre will let you relax and soothe away everyday stress and strain. It is also a wonderful opportunity to take care of your health and figure. There are various hydro - massages, jacuzzi and paddling pool for children in the Wellness Centre.

Local attractions:
Tourist attractions of the area of Bartoszyce In Bartoszyce and the area of the town there are many places worth visiting such as: Stone figures called "Bartki" - the old features of Ancient Prussian culture. They are one of the oldest representations of the human form preserved in former Prussia. The Lidzbark Gate - is the oldest monument of secular culture. It’s one of the few preserved fragments of the old defensive walls surrounding the town from the middle of the 14th century. From 1881 there was a severe prison in the Lidzbark Gate. St. John the Evangelist's Church - the oldest preserved sacred building. It was probably erected in the 14th century and rebuilt in 1678 (the church tower dates back to 1732). St. John the Baptist’s Church - probably dates back to the 15th century, although there are speculations that it may have been built during the first town foundation. Inside the church there is a baroque altar and a pulpit leaning on the 18th century figure. St. Brunon’s Church - was built in 1882 - 1883. The fittings, interior, stained - glass windows and chancel date back to the Neo-Gothic Period. The Old Town Market Square - a very well preserved urban layout with the patchwork of streets and building plots. The Granaries - come from the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries. They testify the former role of the town in grain trade. Nowadays they serve as public buildings. Elizabeth’s Park - is situated at the foot of the Castle Mountain. There is a heart - shaped pond in the park and numerous paths along the Łyna River. "The Milk Lake" - is a popular bathing and fishing beach

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